Monday, July 6, 2009

New Four Footed Friends

That's right. I am officially the proud owner of 2 goats, male and female. They are very cute and (I think) they like me. As a first-time goat owner, my neighbors have been rightly questioning my ability to keep these animals and keep them happy. This started with me trying to drag my goats from the market to my house after I bought them; apparently if I continued my method of transport for much longer I would have had two goat bodies on my hands due to suffication. For future goat owners: Throwing the goat over your shoulders is a better and more comfortable way to get from market to doorstep. I have been getting tons of advice from neighbors and bundles of herbs and grasses find their way to my doorstep as presents for my goats.

Pictures of the 2 will be included in the future. Their names are Bean (girl) and Beneigt (boy, means doughnut in French). Their future plans include making babies so that I can have more, cuter friends (girl) and getting castrated, fatten, killed, and eaten (boy). I've had them for a month and so far, only one event has marred our friendship (besides the attempted murder of transport). Bean got into the house a week after I got screens for my doors. She freaked out and tried to escape for freedom through the closed screen of the front door. There are now 2 horn holes in the screen for misquitoes to find their way through.

In other news, rainy season has officially begun which means my life has become a little bit lonelier as everyone has taken to the fields. It's me and the children under five left in village all day long. The other day the temperature dropped to a little bit less than 60 degrees and I couldn't feel my fingers. Hmmmmmm.