Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I realize that most of my posts have been about people coming to visit, but I must pay homage to visitors.

Caitlin and Kevin fought off the rebels of Chad to visit their favorite older sister. They landed on Kevin's 22nd birthday and we celebrated in style at Porte Mayo, the best restaurant in Maroua. The two are now the same age (Irish twins) so we spent the trip pretending they were twins. It was just easier that way.

After that it was off to Tourou for 3 days. When I opened my back door I was surprised to find Bean and Beinet annnddd a BABY GOAT. Matt suspected Bean was pregnant; I had thought that she was just getting fat. I guess he was right. So little Bon Bon was born that morning and was walking around and eating by the time we got to my village in the afternoon. Now all that's left to do with the goats is to eat them.

Caitlin experienced my Cameroonian cooking for the first time with the authentic dish, Zucchini Parmesan. Apparently my oil and salt intakes have increased to dreadfully unhealthy levels. We had dinner with my counterpart, Tanembe, and Matt's counterpart.

Lucky for my sibs, February 11th is International Youth Day so that got to experience the skits, chants, and parades of the 10 schools in Tourou from a special stage with all of the important people in town. It's funny how much I've gotten used to festivities like this. My sister kept noticing how we were the only females up on stage and the only ones invited to the reception; this observation seemed very normal for me.

Afterwards we went down to Garoua to visit my the family that I lived with for the first 3 months in Cameroon. They were so honored and excited to meet them. My mom cooked a 3 course meal and sent them away with drinking glasses, a love frame, and plastic flowers.

At the Gorges de Kola near Garoua.

It was wonderful to have my family see where I was living, to meet people in my village, and to hang out with the other volunteers. It was really interesting to do the traveling with them. Helping them on their motos for their first ride to the bus station and seeing how they dealt with sharing a back seat with 4 other people when only 3 fit comfortably reminded me of when I first got here.

Our view from the back of the bus.

They took a million pics, so check them out on facebook!